Monday, 19 March 2012

UK imaging company finds niche in dayton's high-tech biz sector

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One year after TeraView opened its first U.S. office, the UK-based imaging company is finding its niche within Dayton's vibrant, high-tech business sector. Dayton was the logical locale for TeraView's U.S. office because the region is a center for aerospace engineering and the development of advanced sensor technologies.

TeraView’s Dayton office is housed within the the Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology (IDCAST), a facility established by the University of Dayton with a $28 million Third Frontier grant in 2008. The company develops technologies using Terahertz light for imaging and spectroscopy that have pharmaceutical, biomedical and military applications.
“We have had a long relationship with Dayton and with a number of the excellent Universities in the state,” says TeraView spokesperson Alessia Portieri. “There is a now a strong Terahertz network in the area. This was one of the key reasons why we selected Dayton to create our base.”
Over the past year, Teraview has conducted two Terahertz techonology training sessions through IDCAST, a facility that has over 30 companies and eight universities as its partners and is considered one of the most prominent advanced sensor research and development centers in the U.S.

“These have been well attended by people from across the U.S. and helped to raise the profile of Terahertz, Teraview and the capabilities of Ohio,” says Portieri. TeraView’s Dayton location supports Terahertz technology projects in surrounding states, including an ongoing project in Indiana.
TeraView has just raised $5.5 million of new investment, and more training events are in the works, including one aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. “We’ve just moved additional equipment into the facility and are starting to offer contract analytical services,” says Portieri. The company hopes to eventually see U.S. interest for TeraView applications rise to the level of its European demand.
As the Ohio-based operation shows progress in the US market, TeraView plans to add more jobs in the Dayton facility. Meanwhile, the company plans on subcontracting existing work to IDCAST teams. 


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