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24 June - 28 June 2012, Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey, California, United States

Sensors addresses all aspects of optical sensors from source and detection technologies, sensor configurations, and processing approaches to applications.
Optical Sensors are used in numerous research, and commercial applications today. These sensors are used for quality and process control, medical diagnostics, metrology, imaging, and remote sensing to mention a few examples. Today there are many types of optical sensors; many based on the use of lasers, imaging systems, and/or fibers. In addition, novel sensor methods that enable more advanced sensing are continuously being developed for example by using novel materials, such as meta materials, micro and nano structured materials or by employing new frequency bands as for example THz radiation. In this meeting, papers reporting the development of devices to implement the various sensor types and their configuration into sensing elements will be presented. Some of the enabling technologies to be discussed include advances in short pulsed high power lasers, imaging methods, micro and nano-structured optical sensing systems, and THz sensing. This topical meeting will address various sensor types, and include all aspects of optical sensors from the components employed, their configuration through detection schemes and algorithms, and application of sensors.

Representative Sensor Topics to be addressed in this meeting include;

1.) Micro and Nano-Engineered Sensors
  • Micro/Nano-fluidic Optical Sensors
  • Integrated Optical Waveguide Sensors
  • Microfiber and Nanowire Optical Sensors
  • Optical Resonant Microsensors
  • Nano-probe Sensors
  • Photonics Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence
  • Plasmonic and Surface Enhanced Raman Sensing
2.) THz sensing
  • Sources and Detectors for THz Radiation
  • THz Spectroscopy for Sensing
  • THz Imaging
  • THz Sensing for Safety and Security Applications
  • THz Sensing in Industrial Environments
3.) Imaging Sensors
  • Focal Plane arrays
  • Nonlinear Imaging
  • Functional Imaging
  • Speckle Imaging
4.) Fiber Optical Sensors
  • Acoustic, Magnetic, Temperature
  • Gyroscopic
  • Fiber coupled sensors
  • Microstructured Fiber Sensors
  • Chemical
5.) Laser based Sensors
  • LIDAR (DIAL, Doppler, etc)
  • Photo-acoustic
  • Spectroscopic
  • Short time event sensing
6.) Optical Chemical and Biological Sensors
  • Photonic Crystal Biosensors
  • Bio-Imaging sensors
  • Fluorescence, diffuse scattering
  • Taggant micro-probes probes
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Color change sensors


Ishwar Aggarwal, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Mario F.S. Ferreira, Universidade de Aveiro, Campus de Santiago, Portugal
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