Wednesday, 10 April 2019

SU-8 based planar metamaterials with fourfold symmetry as selective terahertz absorbers

Grześkiewicz, B., A. Sierakowski, J. Marczewski, N. Pałka, and E. Wolarz. "SU-8 based planar metamaterials with fourfold symmetry as selective terahertz absorbers." Opto-Electronics Review 26, no. 4 (2018): 329-337.
We report on the absorption properties of polarization-insensitive transmissive and reflective metamaterial absorbers based on two planar aluminium periodic structuresand SU-8 epoxy resist. These absorbers were investigated using numerical simulationand experimental methods in the terahertz range (below 2 THz). SU-8 is a very promising organic material for dielectric layers in planar metamaterials, because its application simplifies the process of fabricating these structures and significantly reduces the fabrication time. The experimental absorption of the metamaterial absorbers has narrowband characteristics that were consistent with the numerical simulations. Power flow analysis in the transmissive metamaterial unit cell shows that the absorption in the terahertz range occurs primarily in the SU-8 layer of the absorber.
Graphical abstract
… Experimental transmittance, reflectance, and absorption spectra for the investigated TMAs were obtained for samples consisting of many unit cells. The spectra were measured using a TPS 3000 (Teraview) terahertz time-domain spectrometer purged with dry air … 

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