Thursday, 2 April 2015

Temperature evolution of dielectric response spectra of stillwellite-like glasses in the terahertz and infrared ranges

G. A. Komandin, O. E. Porodinkov, Yu. G. Goncharov, I. E. Spektor, L. D. Iskhakova, V. N. Sigaev, S. V. Lotarev, V. I. Torgashev


The reflectance and transmittance spectra of the PrBGeO5 glass were measured in the terahertz and infrared ranges. At low temperatures, an increase in the permittivity and the appearance of narrow resonance-type lines in the terahertz range were revealed. The complex permittivity spectra were calculated from the Fresnel and Kramers-Kronig formulas.

This study was performed using TeraView's Spectra 3000 system. (TeraView, Cambridge, UK)

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