Thursday, 16 April 2015

Comparison of damage behaviour of different plant fibre composites under laser impact loading

F. Touchard, L. Berthe, P. Malinowski, S. Opoka, M. Boustie, L. Chocinski-Arnault and W. Ostachowicz


The high strain rate behaviour of the eco-composites, when submitted to laser impact loading, is not well known yet. Crucial questions are still open: influence of plant fiber length and distribution on the composite impact behaviour, types of damage induced by impact loading, the way the failure occurs, etc. We present the very first results of a collaborative research involving the institutions PPRIME- Poitiers and PIMM-Paris, and IMP PAN-Gdansk-Poland. A comparison of laser shock induced damage is realised, based on observations of sample back faces for several types of eco-composites. Spallation, residual blister and inside delamination, depending on the fibre length in tested composites have been observed. The ability of the Terahertz technique for internal damage detection is demonstrated.