Thursday, 2 October 2014

THz Metal Mesh Filters On Electrically Thick Fused Silica Substrates

William Otter, Fangjing Hu, Stepan Lucyszyn, Jonathan Hazell,


This paper shows simulated and measured results of ultra-low cost metal mesh filters on electrically thick substrates for millimeter-wave and THz bands. It provides a broad overview of metal mesh filters currently available and suggest why it is worth moving to an electrically thick substrate for ultra-low cost applications. We demonstrate scalable traditional metal mesh filters on 525 µm thick fused silica substrates. In addition, trapped-mode excitation is exploited to improve out-of-band rejection at higher frequencies. The measured results prove that these filters are scalable in the THz range using cost-effective micromachining manufacturing. This work opens up the possibility of using electrically thick metal mesh filters for ultra-low cost applications. 

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