Thursday, 9 October 2014

Polarization-insensitive metamaterial absorber of selective response in terahertz frequency range

B Grześkiewicz, A Sierakowski, J Marczewski, N Pałka and E Wolarz


We present an experimental and numerical analysis of a planar metamaterial that selectively absorbs terahertz radiation. The metamaterial is produced as a planar two-dimensional network of electromagnetic resonators and is characterized by electric and magnetic responses in a narrow frequency range. The unit cell of the metamaterial has fourfold symmetry about the axis perpendicular to the planes containing the metallic resonators. Such a planar metamaterial is polarization-insensitive to the electromagnetic waves. A good agreement of the absorption characteristics obtained from the numerical simulations and from the spectroscopic experiments is shown. The analysis of wave impedance, refractive index, permittivity and permeability of the metamaterial allows the identification of the characteristic electromagnetic resonance and antiresonance in the system. It is shown that the absorption is mostly the result of the electric field energy accumulation in the metamaterial absorber.

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