Tuesday, 24 June 2014

EPIC Workshop on Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins

TeraVeiw are pleased to announce that we will be in attendance at the 'EPIC Workshop on Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins'!

The event will be hosted at the Daniel den Hoed Clinic, the Erasmus-University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 2nd-3rd of July 2014.

TeraView's Alessia Portieri will be in attendance at the event and will be giving a talk on 'THz intra-operative imaging' at 1:30 pm on the 2nd.


The draft program is being finalized, it includes speakers from Europe, USA, medical doctors, research organizations, and industrial companies.

Who Should Attend:
The workshop will bring together medical doctors, researchers pursuing image-guided / optical spectroscopy-guided surgery, and small and large companies able to offer suitable optical technologies. As for all EPIC events, a list of participants will be shared in advance, including a picture of each attendee and a description of their organization. 

The aim is to:
  • develop a common understanding of the exact needs and requirements of surgeons,
  • constraints and challenges,
  • document a roadmap on what technologies are currently available and what approaches should preferably be followed to develop and introduce photonic technologies in the operating room.

For more information on the event visit: http://epic-assoc.com/contact-us/?at=95