Thursday, 15 November 2012

Terahertz Spectra of Explosives Measured by Optical Parametric Oscillator-Based System and Time Domain Spectroscopy

N. Palka, T. Trzcinski and M. Szustakowski
TPS Spectra 300Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, S. Kaliskiego 2, 00-908 Warsaw, Poland

ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, 122, 946 (2012)


In this paper, we report on measurements of absorption spectra of hexogen, penthrite, and octogen. The measurements were carried out by means of time domain spectroscopy and compared to spectra obtained from a setup, which bases on an optical parametric oscillator combined with a Golay cell. For time domain spectroscopy measurement, Teraview TPS 3000 unit with accessories in transmission con figuration was used.

"TDS is a commonly used technique in THz range to measure transmission spectra of materials. In our measurements we used a commercially available spectrometer TPS 3000 from TeraView."

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