Friday, 13 January 2012

The ideal tool for researching metamaterials

If you are working on metamaterials, you will be interested in knowing that a growing number of researchers around the world are using the Spectra 3000 as a tool for investigating metamaterials. Here you can find a brief description of the benefits of TeraView's spectrometer to investigate metamaterials, but if you would like to know more visit our website on:

Spectra 3000 as a tool to investigate metamaterials

Instrument performance is our one of key design criteria, our terahertz spectral range, power, dynamic range and signal to noise ratio are world leading. Using our patented detector and emitter system we have designed a platform that can accommodate multiple modules to allow full flexibility and ease of use. No alignment is needed and the system is completely laser safe.  As terahertz light is invisible to the naked eye and the exposure to the generation laser is not safe, alignment of bench top systems can be difficult and time consuming, this is eliminated with the Spectra 3000. With powerful, flexible, bespoke software and field proven design, time can be directly spent on measurements and research rather than equipment set-up. It is typical from delivering a Spectra 3000 the customer is taking readings on their samples within minutes. In many cases, purchasing a Spectra 3000 is less expensive than assembling your own bench-top system, can allow more flexibility and prices are less than you might expect for the level of performance and range of applications.

The main benefits include:
  • Truly expandable with the addition of modules and fibre probes now or later
  • Terahertz transmission and reflectance measurements on solids, liquids, suspensions, slurries and films
  • Spectral Range – 0.06 THz to 4 THz (2 cm-1 - 120 cm-1) best in class with maximum power levels across the whole range
  • Accommodates standard IR sampling accessories
  • Solid-state emitter and detector for ambient temperature operation
  • Bespoke optics casting with  aligned optics for consistent maximum performance
  • Fully integrated spectroscopy and imaging software with file export functions
  • Easy to use modules for a variety of experiments:  
    • Transmission
    • Transmission XY mapping
    • Reflection imaging
    • Attenuated total Reflection (ATR)
    • Remote fibre probes heads
    • Cryostat for transmission and reflection
    • Cooled and heated transmission cells
    • Large area and portable scanning gantries
    • Angular goniometer systems
    • Specular reflection
    • Medical scanning probes
    • Standoff detection modules 
If you would like more information, research papers or full specification of the instrument, please reply to this mail and I will send you an information pack. 

Institutes are already getting good results with the Spectra 3000 researching into metamaterials and split ring resonators using the Spectra 3000. Details can be found here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.