Monday, 16 January 2012

Photonics West: Dr. Phil Taday's talk: Real-world applications of terahertz pulsed technology

21 - 26 January 2012 The Moscone Center San Francisco, California, USA

Real-world applications of terahertz pulsed technology

Paper 8261-20 of Conference 8261
Date: Thursday, 26 January 2012
Author(s): Philip F. Taday, TeraView Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Abstract: Over the past twenty years terahertz sensor technology has been looking for a "killer" application since the first demonstration of free-space radiation following exposure of a GaAs co-planar strip line to an ultrafast pulsed laser. In the early years, research groups rapidly looked first at dental applications and then skin cancer; however these applications are driven by cost and regulation which make these areas difficult and expensive to penetrate. Early in this century, applications in non-destructive testing began to come to the forefront. This paper discusses the new exciting applications of terahertz pulsed technology in solving real world problems.
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