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Multiferroic transition-metal oxides: Analysis of the polar groundstates by dielectric spectroscopy

Source:(2011) Auch gedruckt erschienen: ISBN 978-3-86664-977-4
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PhD Thesis, work carried out using TeraView's Spectra 3000

Transition-metal oxides show a broad spectrum of fascinating physical effects. Among these, materials with multiferroic properties play a prominent role in basic research and technical application.

The present work deals with several multiferroic compounds and the origins of their polar orders. LiCuVO4 and the rare-earth manganites RMnO3 show a polar order due to a complex magnetic structure. By measurements of polarisation in external magnetic fields, the relation between magnetic and polar order in LiCuVO4 is analysed. Dielectric spectroscopy reveals a relaxation process as key to the magnetocapacitive effects in the rare-earth manganites. Magnetite, which shows relaxorferroelectricity, is a system where the polar order is connected to the charge order of the system.

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Institute:Physics/ Materials Science
Faculty:Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Dewey Decimal Classification:Physics
Document type:Dissertation
Advisor:Loidl, Alois (Prof. Dr.)
Date of examination:17.05.2011
Year of creation:2011
Date of publication:22.07.2011