Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Maskless multiple-beam laser lithography for large-area nanostructure/microstructure fabrication

Applied Optics, Vol. 50, Issue 35, pp. 6536-6542 (2011)


This paper reports a maskless multiple-beam laser lithography technique for large-area nanostructure/microstructure fabrication. This lithography technique can flexibly generate arbitrary nanostructures/microstructures over a large area at a high speed. The feature size of the nanostructures/microstructures can be controlled by exposure time and moving speed of the nanostage. Functional predesigned patterns, including split-ring resonator metamaterials for terahertz waves, can be obtained. More complicated structures can be made by single- and double-exposure schemes to make hybrid nanostructures/microstructures and tune surface plasmonic resonance properties. Meanwhile, microstructures with large height to lateral dimension ratios (2.5D microstructures) fabricated on silicon substrates can be used as mold tools for soft lithography. This technology shows its unique capacity to create various nanostructures/microstructures for extensive applications.

Measurements were performed using TeraView's TPS Spectra 3000 
... The line width of the SRR structure is 6μm, and the SRR dimension is 40μm. The trans-
mission spectra of the terahertz metamaterials are characterized by a terahertz time-domain
spectro- scope (TeraView, TPS3000) with a normal incident ...

Min Tang, Zai Chun Chen, Zhi Qiang Huang, Yoo Sang Choo, and Ming Hui Hong, "Maskless multiple-beam laser lithography for large-area nanostructure/microstructure fabrication," Appl. Opt. 50, 6536-6542 (2011)

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