Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Low dielectric constant composites based on B2O3 and SiO2 rich glasses, cordierite and mullite

Szwagierczak, D., B. Synkiewicz, and J. Kulawik. "Low dielectric constant composites based on B 2 O 3 and SiO 2 rich glasses, cordierite and mullite." Ceramics International(2018).

The paper reports on sintering and dielectric properties of several glass-ceramic composites based on B2O3 and SiO2 rich glasses, cordierite and mullite. The dielectric constant values for the developed composites are low, in the range of 4.8–6.7 at 1 MHz. Some of the investigated materials exhibit low sintering temperature, suitable for LTCC (low temperature cofired ceramics) technology. A selected composite characterized by a low sintering temperature of 920 °C, low dielectric constant of 4.7 at 1 THz, thermal expansion coefficient well fitted to silicon and compatibility with commercial thick film conductive pastes was used for preparation of green tapes destined for LTCC microwave substrates.

Dielectric constant of this material was additionally determined in the range 0.15–3 THz using time domain spectroscopy (Teraview). 3. Results and discussion. Fig … 

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