Thursday, 1 June 2017

3D printed diffractive terahertz lenses

Furlan, Walter D., Vicente Ferrando, Juan A. Monsoriu, Przemysław Zagrajek, Elżbieta Czerwińska, and Mieczysław Szustakowski. "3D printed diffractive terahertz lenses." Optics letters 41, no. 8 (2016): 1748-1751.

A 3D printer was used to realize custom-made diffractive THz lenses. After testing several materials, phase binary lenses with periodic and aperiodic radial profiles were designed and constructed in polyamide material to work at 0.625 THz. The nonconventional focusing properties of such lenses were assessed by computing and measuring their axial point spread function (PSF). Our results demonstrate that inexpensive 3D printed THz diffractive lenses can be reliably used in focusing and imaging THz systems. Diffractive THz lenses with unprecedented features, such as extended depth of focus or bifocalization, have been demonstrate.

... In particular, we measured their absorption coefficient and refractive index in the 0.1–2.0 THz frequency range, using time domain spectroscopy (TDS) [20]. A commercial equipment, TPS Spectra 3000 (Teraview, Ltd., Cambridge, UK), was used to this end. ...

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