Thursday, 10 March 2016

How TeraHertz could revolutionize your business - Terahertz solutions for industry workshop

TeraView with the support of cluster Laphia and the “pôle de compétitivité route des lasers” invite you to the Terahertz solutions for industry workshop, which will take place on April 12th 2016 at the University of Bordeaux, France (Building A31).

The key points of the day include:
  • Seminars discussing the technology
  • Networking Sessions
  • Demonstrations of the technology
Objectives are:
  • To demonstrate technical expertise of the University and companies
  • To bring together leading experts to explore the solutions that terahertz offers
  • To deliver state-of-the-art presentations on the technology
  • To give participants a thorough understanding of the technology
  • Create an information exchange of ideas
For more information please feel free to contact: or on 05 240002602.
UMR 5218 - IMS - Laboratoire de l’Intégration du Matériau au Système Adresse:
351 Cours de la libération, 33405 Talence cedex, France.

Compulsory registration (no registration fees)

Full programme details and registration form (editable PDF) can be found here.