Thursday, 5 March 2015

3-D-Printed Flat Optics for THz Linear Scanners

Siemion, A. ; Bieda, M.S. ; Blocki, N. ; Coquillat, D. ; Cywinski, G. ; Czerwinska, E. ; Doch, M. ; Kowalczyk, A. ; Palka, N. ; Sobczyk, A. ; Zagrajek, P. ; Zaremba, M. ; Kolodziejczyk, A. ; Knap, W. ; Sypek, M.


THz beam shaping via a single diffractive optical element is used to convert a divergent beam into a focal line segment perpendicular to the optical axis. The novel structure was designed for narrowband applications as a kinoform element and we successfully applied it in active, high-speed, THz linear scanners. The theoretical approach and experimental results are presented.

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