Thursday, 19 February 2015

TeraPulse - The Next Generation Terahertz Spectrometer and Imaging System from TeraView

TeraView is pleased to announce the launch of its new Terahertz system, the TeraPulse 4000!

Building on the success of the TPS Spectra 3000 which has become the industry standard in Terahertz instrumentation, the TeraPulse 4000 offers the same industry leading performance and reliability, all within a single, compact unit. Smaller, lighter and more portable, the TeraPulse is equally at home in a laboratory or industrial environment.

The system is available with an on-board spectroscopy/imaging compartment (as shown above) or with fibres. The fibre based system can then accept various ’plug and play’ sample modules, enabling a range of different Terahertz applications that have been developed by TeraView over the last decade. Both configurations are fully compatible with TeraView’s existing and extensive range of “plug and play” modules, which allow users to quickly and economically expand their Terahertz capabilities.

The system is also supplied with a new software suite which fully integrates the improved spectroscopic and imaging capabilities of the unit into one common platform.

Dr Don Arnone, TeraView’s CEO stated “TeraPulse represents a substantial investment by TeraView in the future of Terahertz instrumentation, developed with extensive feedback from our customers around the world. It takes all of the reliability, stability and improved performance achieved over the last several years, and puts them into a smaller, lighter package with enhanced capabilities. The TeraPulse 4000 is designed to serve as a versatile core unit which can be configured for a variety of laboratory, production and other industrial applications. We are also planning other exciting additions to the TeraPulse range over the coming months, which come out of our continued commitment to R&D of Terahertz technology as well as close collaborations with our customers and partners. ”

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About TeraView  

TeraView is the world’s first company devoted to the application of Terahertz light for spectroscopy and imaging. A spin out from the Toshiba Corporation and Cambridge University in 2001, the team at TeraView has been developing its technology and products across a number of applications for the last quarter of a century, and is now approaching 100 systems installed in circa 30 countries. TeraView provides both Terahertz instrumentation as well as applications know-how to its customers, encompassed in over 100 peer reviewed scientific publications as well as the largest collection of granted patents on Terahertz technology. Headquartered in Cambridge, sales and support are available throughout Europe, North America and the Far East either directly or through a network of distributors.