Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Investigation of UV optical fibers under synchrotron irradiation

Dan Sporea, Laura Mihai, Adelina Sporea, Alin Lixandru, and Elke Bräuer-Krisch


The focus of the present paper deals, for the first time, with commercial UV optical fibers, characterizing their behaviour as they are subjected to very high flux wiggler generated synchrotron radiation. Five distinct types of UV optical fibers, produced by three manufactures, were exposed to total doses between 5 Gy and 2000 Gy. The exposure to synchrotron radiation was performed in two campaigns. The tests were run off-line and considered the dependence of the radiation induced attenuation (RIA) as function of the total dose. The recovery of the radiation induced colour centres was studied at room temperature and after heating the samples up to 560 K. As a première, we also investigated through THz imaging and spectroscopy the irradiated optical fiber samples. Under these conditions, three of the optical fibers proved to be radiation resistant. The two optical fibers sensitive to synchrotron radiation exhibited a linear variation of the optical absorption at the wavelengths of λ = 229 nm, λ = 248 nm, and λ = 265 nm, for total doses between 60 Gy and 2000 Gy. These two samples showed also an increase of the optical absorption in the UV spectral range when heated to 560 K. The optical fibers sensitive to synchrotron radiation can potentially be used for on-line radiation dosimetry.

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