Thursday, 28 July 2011

Second international terahertz (THz) application workshop 11- 13 October 2011 Dayton, Ohio - REMINDER


This workshop aims at bringing together new and existing terahertz instrumentation users. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and understating of the technology.
THz systems will be used for hands on demonstration of the equipment. Data processing and analysis techniques will be also extensively discussed.
The workshop will span throughout two days, with the opportunity of remaining a third day on –site for further hands-on demonstrations.
Throughout the two days there will be extensive opportunities for the users to discuss their projects in detail and to establish links to experts in this field.

Topics will include:
Introduction to terahertz spectroscopy
Data Analysis
Terahertz imaging
Hands-on use of terahertz equipment

Anyone wishing to to learn more about terahertz applications should attend this workshop!

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