Monday, 12 January 2015

TeraHertz: New opportunities for industry - 3-5 February 2015

TeraHertz (THz), the frequencies between electronics and optics,
was until recently the last unexploited part of the electro-
magnetic spectrum. The harnessing of THz-based technologies has the potential of impacting globally a vast number of industries, like both electronics in the 70’s and optics in the 80’s did.

THz applications span over a wide array of fields, including:

Quality Control and Non-destructive testing
Surface analysis
Chemical and Bio-Medical analysis
Filling the TeraHertz “gap” has led to unprecedented creativity in the development and commercialization of TeraHertz sources, transmission components and detectors.

This year’s edition will focus on THz materials measurements and applications.

Registration deadline: 23 January 2015